nicholas cline | composer

do it again! (2012)

Stereo sound

Available on SEAMUS Electroacoustic Miniatures Series: Re-Caged 2012

Program Note:

More than a penchant for novelty, Cage’s Suite for Toy Piano (1948) represents the composer’s ability to discover new sounds in unlikely places. Toy pianos have a distinctive sound; widely spaced overtones and the clicking of plastic hammers and keys contribute to its appeal. All of the sounds in do it again! were derived from the toy piano, including the bass tones – produced by plucking its metal rods – which conclude the piece. The title and inspiration for the piece comes from the short essay by Walter Benjamin, “Toys and Play.”

...the great law that presides over the rules and rhythms of the entire world of play: the law of repetition. We know that for a child repetition is the soul of play, that nothing gives him/her greater pleasure than to “Do it again!”